Muse Musings

People keep asking me why I chose to set the world of my Awoken (Book One of the Viridian Saga) in Rhode Island. Well the amazing answer is… because of the ocean!

In a way, the ocean has always been one of my most passionate muses. I grew up in Ohio (Go Dayton Dragons!!!) but when I was fifteen, I spent a summer week with my aunt at Myrtle Beach, and experienced my very first romance. Not with a boy—with the ocean! That’s right, I fell in figurative love. In love with the breezy heat, the salty fragrances, the cries of the gulls taking wing on high.

Since then, the ocean has haunted my dreams, a primordial source of inspiration (and comfort) in the dark nebulous realm of sleep. Whenever I need to relax, I have half a dozen Youtube links of Soothing Ocean Sounds in my AOL bookmarks, just a click away. It is only natural that such a romantic element would work its way into my opus.

One day I hope to take my children to the seaside and share with them the invigorating power of the sounds of the crashing waves. Until then, they’ll have to be content with our favorite swimming hole, Caesar Creek. Let’s just hope silly billy Matt B doesn’t lose his shorts again like last summer! It was bad enough he was naked as a jaybird in front of all those people, but of course his brother had to play monkey-see-monkey-do. Moms of twins, you know what I mean! ;p  

Some thoughts on the craft (and being a mom)

The only thing more rewarding than writing out my dreams in fiction is being a mom. Being a mom is a challenge, but it’s worth it. I’ve learned so much about the history and backstory about “Optimus Prime” from my son Josh, inspiration that I may use in future stories. My daughter Marianne is sometimes coy about being an Elinsen, another element I have used to make the characters in my stories feel more fleshed out. And if I wasn’t at home all of the time looking after the kids, I never would have picked up that old Lovecraft tome at the Trotwood library, “The Call of Cthulhu”, and have been inspired to finally learn to write in the first place. I’m so excited to show people my soul-in-word-form to the world! I’ve tried several literary agents who weren’t interested, but I think they just don’t have a good beat on what people want. We’ll show them, won’t we? ;p

Future self-pubbers of the world unite!