~*~Spoooooooooooky Pumpkin Ball!~*~

It’s the 2 month anniversary since the release of Awoken! Since then, I’ve survived homework, after school activities, WEDDINGS (so many of my old girlfriends got married this autumn! So happy they each finally found somebody to love them!) and just day-to-day life, but boy am I glad to be back online will all my friends and fans!

The weather here in Ohio has been strangely warm for October, and even though it looks like rain, I can’t wait until the Pumpkin Ball tomorrow. Yes, you heard me right; there really IS a Pumpkin Ball. It is an actual tradition for us Anaprotestants that inspired me.

The Pumpkin Ball has been a tradition for my congregation since the 1970s. You see, we Anaprotestants have never really been too comfortable with all the pagan, Satanic imagery of Halloween, but in the past, parents still allowed their kids to trick-or-treat and wear costumes. They figured that as long as the faith was strong in the home, a little mischief wouldn’t hurt anyone. But then in the 70s there were all those news reports about poisoned candy and razor blades in apples, and our Church Elders decided the horrible incidents were more than enough signs from the Lord of the moral degradation Halloween encouraged. We Anaprotestants don’t have a problem with fun (as long as it’s good for the mind, body and soul), but we all felt much safer having our own separate festivities on October 31st.

I remember little details from my very first Pumpkin Ball—the pumpkin painting, the pies and falling asleep in the hay maze outside. When I got older, there was the square dancing, and the scarecrow contest and apple bobbing (which I was never too good at, unfortunately. I always get water up my nose!). Even now that I’m a wife and a mom, I still go every year. What a fantastic way to bring a community together, and what fun way to grow up! Naturally I just had to include it in my story!

So, now I just need to finish the last minute touches on my pumpkin bars and cupcakes, and the Twins’ scarecrow for the Scarecrow contest, and we’ll be good to go! I hope you all have a happy and safe day on October 31st, whatever you celebrate. I love you all, and maybe one day I’ll host a giant Pumpkin Ball for all my fans!

If you don’t have a Pumpkin Ball to go to yourself, might I suggest curling up tomorrow with a copy of  Awoken? ;p Just click on the link below!


24 thoughts on “~*~Spoooooooooooky Pumpkin Ball!~*~


    • It’s sad to see people let jealously get the best of them. While you’re busy bad-mouthing Serra she’s getting ready to go her own Pumpkin Ball. Lets just try to be kind to one another and enjoy the season, shall we?

    • STFU!! We need more strong female characters like Andi in literature.

      and are you saying all teens who read literature are stupid? Until you read some decent literature, please refrain from sharing your ignorant opinion.

      • Okay, that troll guy who claimed he was Serra on the Lovecraft Reddit was totally a fraud. Serra and her TRUE fans had a good laugh when he was forced to show proofs. He couldn’t even post a tweet or something on the site. He eventually admitted he wanted to do the same as the guy who “wrote” My Immortal on Fanfic.net.

  2. Wow! I wish I had my very own local Pumpkin Ball. Glad to know you’ll get some time off from your busy schedule, Serra!
    It’s nice to see the focus of the season isn’t put on such profound witchcraft related content for your family! It saddens me to see so many children corrupted with their costumes on Halloween.

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I hope you plan on writing a sequel to the brilliance of Awoken.

    • I hope the sequel has Andi and Vik travel to India. I fell in love with the place after reading about it in Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck. I mean, Vik is Indian right? So it would make sense.

  3. Have lovely pumpkin ball!
    I admit that I’m not at all familiar with the proceedings of a pumpkin ball. How similar is it to the one in Awoken?

  4. I knew the evant had to be real! The way you described it was so magical! You are so blessed to be able to have such a hip comunity 🙂

  5. Hi Serra,

    I finished this morning your novel. Very good work, by the way (and I hoped you enjoyed yourself at the Pumpkin Party ;)). I guess I’m not the only one who cried during that heartbroken scene (we pretty much all went there some day or another).

    Two things bugged me though…

    First was how clueless Andromeda can be… always! Actually, the term that crossed my mind was “stupid”, but let’s remain polite. In many occasions she’s been told things that she doesn’t understand, and yet they are not told in a cryptic way, not at all! It makes me feel she wouldn’t understand a neon sign just under her nose, and I think it portrays teens in quite a diminutive way. Teenagers can be clever.

    The second thing is related to the “almost-raped” scene and the two conversations Andy had with Riley about it. The two times he blames her for the situation she placed herself in. The two times, she was the guilty one, guilty of wearing a bikini and wandering on her own, drunk. *sigh* When it comes to rape, I always get a little passionate (and sorry in advance). I didn’t (and still don’t) like the message it sends to girls and women, that they are entirely responsible when getting sexually assaulted. I’m aware it is something many countries (including Canada and USA) have problems understanding, but it’s not by blaming the victims for not following common sense (always be with people at nightfall, always remain in well-lit streets, be vigilant) that we’ll put an end to sexual abuses, but by telling what should not be done and to respect a negative answer. We had a interesting ads campaing here, earlier this year, on the net and in public places. Posters on which you could see women (most of the time) in a vulnerable position. And the messages were (as I remember them):

    “Passed out = no consent. No consent = rape”
    “Drunked = no consent. No consent = rape”
    “Wearing sexy clothes = no consent. No consent = rape”
    “Change of heart = no consent. No consent = rape”
    “No = no consent. No consent = rape”
    (And so forth…)

    So I understand that Riley is a being as old as the universe itself, but in this case, he wasn’t very supportive (though he has his little evening snack in the process). And when it comes to rape, blame is not what’s I’d want to read. Prudence, yes. Self-moderation too. But what I’d love to read is a “no” that is accepted. And some compassion for the victim as well (Andy almost got raped and nobody seemed to care about it: she got punished by her parents and got no support from her friends and Riley).

    Despise these two elements, I liked your novel. It had its spark of originality, used an unexploited creative vein (the huge Elder One that falls for a girl that turns out to be his heart)… and it would be somehow funny to discover that Andremeda is the reincarnation of Andromeda (Spoiler Alert! ^^). Good luck with any new project you may have! Me, I’m back to my WriMo Novel!

    See ya!


    • Ugh, you people who give “constructive criticism” are all just haters with no life. Leave Serra and her flawless opus alone, stop trying to over-analyze what’s already perfect.

    • I feel just as shocked as you are by her treatment of Andromeda, but we must remember that Mrs Elinsen knows how to read and write (at least, I choose to believe so) and thus already trepassed the limits of these territories in which entrance was forbidden to the women of her ink by their fathers and husbands for about four decades of self-satisfied anaprotestant pseudo-history. Though I agree with you wholeheartedly, let it not be the cause for the awakened wrath of the sleeping Anaprotestant housewife. We do not want to be her scarecrows for next year’s contest, which she would probably win and meet relative indifference even if the townspeople knew of the true nature of her offerings.

      • I don’t know much about Anaprotestants, and I didn’t expect them to be so rigid about liberty of expression for women. I find that very sad, but this knowledge give me a new understanding of Serra herself. Not only writing and self-publishing a novel was a bold move, but Serra showed a great bravery by doing something, if I understood correctly, that is not well seen by her community! …I’m aware I’m a utopic dreamer, but I hope her community will open up a little more and accept this new, innovative difference.

        Since Glenn called me a hater, I wondered If I should create a top five list of reasons to read this book, as a token of my good intents (after all, it’s not because I spotted two things that didn’t work out for me that the novel is all bad, on the contrary). I’ve been inspired by a gothic vampire-fan critic who did the same about Twilight. I hesitated… Would it be too much?

      • It would not at all be too much to write down your five main reasons for disliking this work, although I do advise a careful choice of words and a connection from an isolated library, far from your home, without security camera, and outside the main Anaprotestant states. Have a good day, forgive my late answer, and good luck !

  6. Happy holidays to you, Serra!!

    To all the haters, I say LMAO, stop being jealous of her success and go write books of your own. You can say whatever you want on the internet, but I know in my heart that if Lovecraft was alive he would be curling up with a copy of Awoken next to him and his wife and children and he would be a fan of the book.

  7. I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas and a great 2014 to you, Team Serra. 🙂 Hoping for the best you can get, with joy, laughters and wishes coming true… 🙂

  8. Dear Serra,

    I am Phellie Lertz, the girl who sat behind you in Home Adornment class. I also had the second sit on your right in both Demure Charms and Filial Piety. For years, I have hated you because you kept making fun of my weight (Why ? We were always the exact same size and you were always quite pretty), my more than straightforward way of courting Josiah Downe and my way of pronouncing the word “cocoon”.

    In hindsight, I should have been nicer. Not tried to befriend you, just tried to understand why you were turning into such a deplorable human being. But we were six, my mother had just died and right when I’d forgotten about Josiah completely, you assembled a mob of kindergarteners to tell me to stop being a slut. So many questions : Were did you hear that word (this is Trottwood, after all) ? Did you know what it mean ? Did the paraplegic girl really just miraculously got healed to rise and walk behind you in your Righteous Slut Shaming Cruisade ?

    There’s just one thing I don’t wonder about, though : at the time, I just had to hate you, and beat you up like I did. And I broke your front teeth. It must have taken about two years before the adult tooth grew in its place, two years of humiliation, in Trottwood. and I completely understand your anger. So, at long last, I forgive you for testifying about my obvious mental instability when my father got me checked in. I hope you forgive me for creating sockpuppets and pretending to go insane from the badness of your book. I am also sorry for pretending to give you nice reviews under my new name in order to lure you in the university where I hold a chair to ridicule you in front of my friends and students. It was a tacky Monte Cristo plot that I had because of a guilty pleasure soap called Revenge.

    Now that I write it down, this whole cycle of revenge seems ridiculous, and I wonder how you came to know about the last parts, but, PLEASE, don’t enact the next step. We don’t need AWOKEN book 2. We are better than this, Serra. We are mostly reasonable, generally balanced women with a family and a career, and we don’t need this other book to make our life a mess, which it will because if you publish it, I’LL RIP OFF YOUR LIVING GUTTS.


    P. Lertz

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