I can’t believe the outpouring of love!

Fanart by http://siderealscion.tumblr.com/. The very first!!!!!


Not yet a full month since book launch, and it’s my very first *official* post-launch fanart! Andi’s face is just breaking my heart, I just want to give her a big old hug and promise her everything will be okay!

With the cat out of the bag and Awoken finally on the “shelves,” so far things have been going incredibly well! I mean, there are some bad reviews in the mix, but I keep trying to remember what my husband and friends tell me–don’t engage! Rise above the hate! Although, the Lamb knows sometimes it can be hard, especially when people don’t “get” my work, or give it a scathingly bad review before they even read it–which talk about judging a book by its cover! It’s just been amazing to me how angry people have been over Awoken while, in the same breath, insisting they will never read it! They sound like Allison when I try to make her eat her Brussels sprouts!

Now, I’m not saying these “critics” are acting like 4 year olds, but sometimes an author just has to explain things to them. I’m a mother, and I definitely feel the duty to protect my babies–and Awoken IS my baby!  I am 100% justified in stepping in and explaining calmly and rationally that, to each their own, but these “readers” just don’t understand what I was trying to accomplish. My book is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance about the unbelievable power of love–it’s right there on the tin, practically! If people don’t enjoy that sort of thing to start with, what’s the point in decrying my book loudly from the rooftops? If you can’t say something nice, as I tell the Twins…

And speaking of saying nice things…I know I have quite a few defenders out there, but considering the backlash other authors and fans have suffered in trying to defend other work…well, I can’t bear to see anyone attacked, fan or no. So no debating or arguing or “trolling” people who didn’t like Awoken please! This is my “fight,” and I don’t want anyone else dragged into it. I’m a mother of five, believe me, I can handle it! ;p

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it’s just sad for them they can’t enjoy my work. But if you enjoyed my book, definitely sing it loud and proud!

So no hate, let’s celebrate! With the one month anniversary of the book launch right around the corner, share links of fan work you’ve made or found so far! I looooooove seeing how my book inspires my fans!

If you haven’t ordered your copy of Awoken yet, you can do it right here on my website!