Soundtrack for Awoken???

One of my writer friends, Celeste Stevens, made a playlist for her book and I thought, what a great idea!! Only thing is, as a mom of five rambunctious, lovable muffins, I realize that I hardly know any of the songs the kids are listening to! So, for all you people who are more popular music minded, what songs would you put on the Awoken playlist?? Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

Remember, I love music, but I particularly love versions of songs done by “Glee” or “KidzBop!”


70 thoughts on “Soundtrack for Awoken???

  1. Copying what I posted on Good Reads:

    I vote for “Stand my Ground” from Within Temptation, the lyrics are totally perfect for Andi’s song.

    And also from Within Temptation “What Have You Done Now?” which is a perfect dialogue song between Andi and Riley.

    “#1 Crush” from Garbage, of course!

    Highland’s version of “Figlia Della Luna” is pretty sweet too, for Andi’s nights as she lays dreaming of her love.

    And, of course, Glee’s version of “Call me Maybe”, “Take my breath away” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” to represent their romance.

    “Bad Romance” is awesome for everyone’s favourite SkankTeacher.

  2. Still haven’t gotten to read the book (/cries), but based on what I know, here are a few suggestions:

    “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry (a must for any romance, really ;D)
    Seconding Lastlasagna’s suggestion of “Clarity”
    Not certain on this one, but possibly “Take it All” by Adele? (ANYTHING by Adele)
    And maybe “I See the Light” from Tangled

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