The Writer’s Journey…Part 2, or, getting back on that horse!

Hello all again! I know it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you. The kids started school just last week, and between getting them back on the school track (especially Marianne, who is starting*HIGH SCHOOL!* I can’t believe it, it seems like only yesterday she was standing on the front steps in pigtails for the *FIRST* day of school!) and setting up my account to keep to that August 30th book launch deadline—well! Let’s just say, it never rains in the Elinsen household!  Thank goodness my husband was able to handle the bulk of the school supply buying, although there’s nothing quite like that last minute Walmart run because somebody  forgot to triple check the teachers’ supply letter!

But now, with quiet falling over our house like a blanket, it brings me back to late summer 2012.

It was only last year that my husband convinced me that, while I was a great homeschooler, it wouldn’t hurt if the twins finally went to public school.  Even Allison, the youngest, had taken to Pre-K like a fish to water, but the Twins were a little too rambunctious in the early years, if you know what I mean. ;p My husband decided that at 8 years old it was finally time for them to leave the house for at least part of the day. Even though I had to agree, it’s always so hard to let go of your little blessings.

But I had kept them in the nest long enough, and as my husband reminded me, we have a great public school system in our township. So this time last year, off the boys went, and for the first time in years, I found myself home alone.

I thought about trying my hand at rejoining the work force, but one look at my resume only made me scoff. ‘Mother of five’ is hardly a life skill recognized by corporate America (although it should be! I mean, where else can you learn management skills like these, am I right, moms?), and my husband has a good job that provides for us all comfortably. I didn’t NEED to work, I just wanted something that would engage my mind and get me out of the house a bit. It was then my husband gently reminded me of how much I used to love writing, and suggested that maybe it was time for me to get back on that horse.

I was still hurting from all the abuse I suffered online, and at first resisted. Lucky for me, I have a spouse that knows when to not take ‘no!’ for an answer! (I really am the most blessed wife in the world…) He persisted, and made me promise to at least try out a new writers’ group, which had put up a meeting notice at our local library.

So, on one fateful Wednesday, nervous as anything and certain I’d hate it, I went to my first meeting of the Nibs.

We met at a the Starbucks, and to this day I still can’t believe how perfect a fit we were, and still are! And to think, I almost didn’t even go! We introduced ourselves, and over tasty Frappuccinos spoke about our writing ideas and hopes and dreams and fears. And never once was there a condescending word or discouraging critique.  Lilly, the head of the group, spoke often of wanting it to be a ‘safe space’ for us all; the only rule was that we could only say what we liked about each other’s work. No unsolicited suggestions, no grammar Nazis, no plot hole pirates—the purpose of the group was to foster pure creativity.

Nibs wasn’t for everyone, and we lost a lot of people in the first week, but I was HOOKED. I went every week to the Starbucks, sitting and chatting and typing away with the other three ladies and one man that stuck it out. Tuesdays became take-out night in the Elinsen house while mommy worked on her craft. I even finally purchased by own little laptop for writing so I wouldn’t have to hog the family desktop with transcribing handwritten notes, and my words just flew onto the screen!

And it was one night sometime in mid-October, after the kids finished their homework and were settling in for the night, that miraculous inspiration struck me—

But that’s another story for another time, dear friends. 😉


In the meanwhile, Awoken (paperback and Kindle versions) will be available to buy right here on my website starting on Friday, August 30th! Please show your support of me by buying your copies directly through my website!

Once again, thank you all for your love and support so far! Soon the wait will be over! ❤


20 thoughts on “The Writer’s Journey…Part 2, or, getting back on that horse!

  1. Come on! I need to know how you got such an original idea like Awoken. Please! You’re giving hope to unpublished writers like me!

  2. You’re so brave, Serra! You’ve been through so much because of the stupid haters, and yet you’ve found the strength to keep on sharing your amazing gift of writing with us! Thank you so much for not giving up!!!

    You really are an inspiration to all the rest of us part-time authors who are yet to publish their first novel. I consider myself a veteran author because I have already been written for a year and a half, and I’ve got two unfinished fantasy books in the depths of my laptop to prove it 😉 So far, I’ve been too shy to show my work to literary agents (though I don’t understand why – my friend tells me my stories are great!! lol) but reading your blog really helps me keep on believing in myself!!! Maybe one day I will publish my own “Awoken” 😀 Not saying that my stuff is going to be anywhere near as good as yours, lol.

    I can’t wait to feast my eyes upon Awoken!!! Is it weird that I already have a HUGEEE crush on Riley? lol 😉

  3. You have such a wonderful husband. I’m just curious since you mention him so much here. What’s Mr. Elinsen’s first name??

  4. It’s wonderful that you found such a supportive and inspiring group, though I hope there was some room for grammar Nazi-ing later in the process. Bad grammar and spelling just makes me crazy, and are a bad example to young readers. At any rate, I (and some of my students) looking forward to August 30th!

  5. I cannot wait! I keep rereading the samples over and over, I’m obsessed, lol. The fact that you got this published despite the hate and everything else you went through just makes me all the more excited to finally read it. It’ll be like every word I read is a big stfu to all the stuff that happened. And your hubby sounds adorable!

    • Pikkin onna ppl is mean + not nice itz only hurts r feelings. besidez serras so good so wy woudl dey hav anyfin bad too say bout hur stuff unles dey wer jus doin it on purpose?!?!?

  6. Norman does NOT have to take any pills he doesn’t want to. NORMAN IS not A CHILD.
    Norman does NOT have to take any pills he doesn’t want to. NORMAN IS not A CHILD.
    Norman does NOT have to take any pills he doesn’t want to. NORMAN IS not A CHILD.
    Norman does NOT have to take any pills he doesn’t want to. NORMAN IS not A CHILD.

  7. Really excited for Awoken, been waiting for it for months, can’t believe it’s almost here! Please tell me you can ship it internationally, hoping to get a copy sent to me in China!

  8. I’m so glad you didn’t give up on your writing! I’m in a bit of a writing funk right now – have been for a few years – and hearing that you came back from something similar, even with a family to take care of, gives me hope. I might try to find a writing group, see if that works for me. I’m definitely going to give your book a try!

  9. Aw, Serra! How could you leave us hanging like that????? I need to know the rest of the story!!!

    Two weeks in, I *STILL* haven’t gotten my copy of Awoken yet (trying to ration my Amazon money XP), but I can’t wait until I can finally read it!! Probably going on the Christmas list this year.

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