I am truly blessed…

A few friends of mine from my writing group (although, it’s so hard to find the time to go! Kids come first after all! J ) were going to ConBravo in Canada this weekend. They explained it’s a “yearly celebration of fandom.” It’s been ages since I’ve dipped my pen in fan fiction as I’ve been working so hard on crafting my own original stories, but it sounded like they were going to have a blast hanging out with quite a few of their Internet friends who were going as well. I’d be jealous of their youth and free time for that sort of thing, but they don’t have the five blessings I do. 😉

Anyway, they even reserved a table so they could sell their “geek wares” (I keep telling them they have to open an etsy store! I can’t believe the things they can do with yarn and hot glue, even if I don’t get all the references) and the Big Guy himself must have reached down to nudge me, because I was struck with sudden inspiration! I had 80 signed hard copies of  my very first edition of Awoken on the kitchen table that I was going to lug to the local Barnes and Nobles so that the manager could display them for sale, but I asked if they would be okay with taking and selling Awoken for me.

Well, us writing group gals stick together, ESPECIALLY when it comes to supporting each other’s work (even though they aren’t published yet like I am) and agreed! And let me tell you, I was definitely right in listening to the Big Guy’s idea, because word got out at the con and they sold 76 copies! 76 whole copies! When they called me on the drive back, I couldn’t believe it! I even started crying (my poor hubby, he must have thought someone had died!) How can I possible describe the warm, beautiful feeling of a life full of such amazing blessings? He truly has filled my life to the brim!

But yes, I am a Serra on cloud nine. I just can’t believe I already have to reorder more copies! My friends did mention a lot of people asked if there would be an e-book version, so I should definitely look into that, anything to bring my ‘baby’ to a wider audience! Also realized I need to make business cards! Everything’s just happening so fast!

To everyone who purchased Awoken this weekend, thank you so much for your support! I hope you are enjoying your brand new signed copy. 😀  Although, I do have to admit, the cover was not my pick. I asked my kids if they wanted to pick a cover for me, and Matt A. was just so excited about the tentacle… well, what mother could resist, even if tentacles send chills down my spine! For the next printing, I may try to find something more to my tastes and more in line with the book, but I suppose that will make your copy a special collector’s edition! ;p


39 thoughts on “I am truly blessed…

    • I know what you mean! I heard about Con Bravo from some people, but I didn’t go. Then again, I hadn’t heard about Awoken before the con, so I might have missed out anyway! By my count, though, there are still four of those “collectors’ editions” left, am I right? Hope you will be putting those up online, Serra, as I wouldn’t mind a second chance to snag a copy. 😉

  1. Blessed with TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your children are soooooooo lucky to have a mama like you!!!!!!! Last night I had a dream that I was your baby, and you changed my diaper and powdered my bottom and sang me a soothing song. I felt SOOO at peace!!!!!! Later when I was adding it to my dream journal I actually started crying!!!!!! That’s the miracle of your writing!!!! When the Lord finally delivers my soul mate to me, I hope she is 1/4 as amazing as you!!!!!

  2. If only I could get my hands on one of those books! My book/Ethnic Food Trying Club would love a taste!!!!

  3. Err, I so wished I lived in Canada! Ever since I read your sample chapter, Riley has been like the only thing on my mind. Ughh, I need to be reunited with my dream boy!

  4. I hope you find a publisher soon! Sent one of my con bravo friends to get a copy but unfortunately she missed those friends of yours. 😦 Can’t wait to get my hands on this, and hopefully a physical copy. None of that crazy techie e-book stuff for me, thanks.

  5. Damn! Only conventions I ever go to are ACen. Wish I could expand my horizons, but my pockets won’t let me. =(

    Well, be sure to let us all know when the book’s on sale at Amazon or wherever you plan to sell it. I’d love to get a copy!

  6. Scared of tentacles? Good thing you chose to write a Lovecraftian inspired book, there are absolutely NO tentacles in those stories.

    Seriously though, I suggest you leave the storytelling work to the authors with actual talent, Mrs. Elinsen. You clearly have no aptitude for it

    • Dude, what the hell? I typically don’t like people who are all “IF UR NEGATIVE JUST DONT COMMENT” but seriously, there was NOTHING constructive in that comment. Even if you don’t like her writing style, there’s no need to say “JUST STOP WRITING.” You have a right to your opinion, but it’s not okay to tell someone to stop doing what they love just because you don’t like it.

  7. Im soooooo lucky!!! I got one of the first copies, and like, totally met met Matt A and Matt B! It was like meeting the Jonas brothers or something! All the haters who say this is just a copy of Twilight are stupid losers, I mean, I havnt read it yet, but its obviously its own unique story, and DUH Edward dosnt have tentacles! HELLO! Haters u suck Serra Elinson is a genius!

  8. gulb gulb gulb. )(i t)(ere! I hope your book is on -Ebook soon Im soooo -EXCIT-ED!! hope to buy it! salmon you later!

  9. Since my nook is sort of my go-to gadget right now, I really hope you make an ebook version (for kindle and nook!)

    Which author was it that used to sneak signed copies of his books into stores but stopped when he saw them being sold online? That would be a neat thing to do (the sneaking, not the selling)


    • Believing in the All-Forgiving Goat is a matter of choice, just like having faith in the Heavenly Clown.
      That said, if you really must insult my religion I LL TAkE YoUR HeART OuT WiTH A SaCRIFIcIAL SpOON AnD GIvE IT To ThE CLoWN ! HE NeEDS RaW MeAT !

      • Why r u alwais repliening on my comments? Im trying to start an serios debate. But evertim i write a comment, you comment @ me and ruin it, cuz of ur crazytalk nobody wants to reply so i can start a serious discusson.

      • I RePLiEN BECaUSE I DOn4T UnDERSTaND YOuR OPiNION AnD I KnOW IT MUsT SuCK AnYW Oh my god. Oh my god. I am sorry.

        I am really sorry, I think this book is driving me insane. The first Great Explainifier, Jolayne Mc Fansy, created Reform Anaprotestantism to abandon his wife for a younger woman and keep his children’s approval by brainwashing them. It grew from when he realized he could gain power and take revenge on his abusive mom who forced him to dress up like a girl by continually demeaning women and creating a patrifocal patriarchy with the maternal role being replaced by avuncular education patterns for boys. His imagery was well-thought and extremely powerful, but it’s still completely insane.

        It took me ten years to shake off the brainwashing and it came back as if it had never left. Thank you for bringing out my sanity again, and please continue enlightening us with your thoughts. This IS Anaprotestant Propaganda. But I just can’t look away !

      • That really toching! Im glad, I can be helpin peple. 🙂
        The thing abot anaprotestantism had verry manny hard Words, so i dont reily understand that part. 🙂


  11. Ughhhh, I’m SO jealous of everyone who got a copy. >_< Do you know when it'll be in Barnes&Noble? (Or could you send some copies to SacAnime? ;D)

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